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Positive Discipline Language: It’s Easier Than You Think

Many parents assume that learning the language of positive discipline is a difficult task. Really, it's not that hard. Good preschool and elementary school teachers are in and out of this language all day long. It's like learning any new set of language rules; take a new job and you are likely … [Read More...]

Transitions Can be Easier

There are so many transitions built into a family's day. For children this may include the shift to getting dressed, leaving the house, stopping play or finishing projects, cleaning up, coming to the table for meals, going upstairs for bath, settling in bed for sleep. All of these steps can have … [Read More...]

When a Child has to be FIRST or be BEST at Everything

It's fairly common for children to go through a phase of needing to be first or best at everything.This might be first to get out of the car or touch the front door. It might be best at running fast or writing letters. This push varies widely with some way more than others and boys often more than … [Read More...]

Teachers: How to Answer Young Children’s Questions and Concerns About Stressful Community Events

Stressful events in the life of a child can include community stressors like the DC sniper shootings, our country making a declaration of war or a stock market crash. These community stressors impact the child based on how much they impact the child's parents and how much information is being shared … [Read More...]

Leaving Children Home Alone

My girls were 7 and 10 years old when I decided to leave them home alone for the first time. They were excited and slightly concerned so we spent about 40 minutes talking through the details about where I'd be, how long I'd be gone, what they could and couldn't do, how to contact me and emergency … [Read More...]

What to do When Children Bicker in the Car

My children are now teenagers and we still occasionally have this. Here are several ways to solve: Settle specifics - In our house it has always been the music. Settling specifics means coming up with a full, solid and publicly agreed upon plan for repeat conflicts. For a few years our plan was … [Read More...]

What to Do When Your Child Says “I Don’t Wanna Go to School”

At some point, most children go through a phase of not wanting to go to school. For others, that push can ebb and flo for years. My younger daughter has always had a difficult time going back after the Winter Break. There were tears in January through elementary school. Smooth, calm morning - I … [Read More...]

What to Do When a Child is Scared of Going to Another Room in the House Alone

At least every other month a parent says to me, "This might be odd but my child is scared of going to another room in the house by himself." This is not odd. Between four to eight or nine years old, this is completely common. My older daughter spent a few years negotiating with me or her younger … [Read More...]