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Ways to Encourage Listening and Following Directions

So much of parents' frustration stems from children not listening or following directions. Like any other social skill, this is something that can be encouraged and taught. Model - When you are in conversation with your children, when they are asking you questions it's helpful to really listen. … [Read More...]

All About Time-Outs: Reservations and Guidelines

First a disclaimer - I didn't use time-outs with my own children. The preschool that I work at reserves time-outs for only when all else fails. As a formal approach, they haven't used this in at least the last two years. Not positive discipline - Time-outs are not considered positive discipline. … [Read More...]

Teaching Kids How to Take Another’s Perspective

Perspective taking is very limited in young children. Two year olds close their eyes to hide when playing hide and seek. The thought is 'If they can't see themselves, you can't see them.' Three year olds stand in front of you and don't realize you can't see through them. Even four years olds get … [Read More...]

Ways to Encourage Early Writing

Before they are writing There are lots of ways to encourage the skills that support writing from long before they are writing letters and words. Fine motor activities - Starting in the first year, you can give¬†activities that practice the pincer grasp and exercize the fingers. This is picking up … [Read More...]

Ways to Encourage Confidence in the Classroom From Home

Build a broad base of knowledge - When the teacher talks about a new topic in class it's helpful if your child has a fund of related knowledge. There are several ways to build this. Focus on building your child's vocabulary - A child's vocabulary scores are often reflective of their overall … [Read More...]

Are we together too much?

Tips for Creating Space in a Family "I feel like I am disciplining my children way more often than my mother had to discipline me." I hear this often. It may be that we, as families, are just together too much. Or at least together way more than we were with our families growing up. Aging myself … [Read More...]

Things to Consider When Giving Your Child a Cellphone

How and when to give a child a cell phone of their own is a big decision for parents. The bulk of the research suggests that the less screen time children have the better. The American Academy of pediatrics suggests having a family plan with set limits on screen use. Giving them a cell phone is … [Read More...]

When a 2 Year Old Hits

This may be a two year old being aggressive with their older siblings or a child in a two's program hitting classmates. I tend to think there are three (long run, four) parts to the answer: Coach being gentle You might read Hands are Not for Hitting by Aggasi, No Hitting by Katz, No More Hitting … [Read More...]