8-Week Positive Discipline Series

An abbreviated version of the popular 8-Weeks to Positive Discipline Series is now on YouTube Intro Introduction to positive discipline Outline Week 1 1.1 Role of emotions and “I” messages 1.2 Giving children empathy week 1 outline Week 2 2.1 Positive Intent2.2 Positive Directions2.3 Descriptive v. Evaluative Praise week 2 outline Week 3 3.1 Choices, … Continue reading 8-Week Positive Discipline Series

Homework Solution #2: Place

Another common homework battle is over place. The goal is a well stocked, well lit space with a good table or desk and a comfortable something for reading. Well stocked means having everything your child might need for homework for the year. In elementary school this might be pencils, erasers, wide lined paper, markers, crayons, … Continue reading Homework Solution #2: Place

Homework Solution #1: Time

The most common homework concerns are related to time, space and organization. I am linking three blog posts with the aim to answer each. There isn’t a best time to do homework, just several options. The idea is to find what fits your family best for now. There are some children who just want it … Continue reading Homework Solution #1: Time

Encouraging Children’s Empathy

Empathy is the understanding of or sensitivity to others feelings and experiences. It is a developing trait across childhood and can greatly vary between children based on age, predisposition and experiences. There are several ways parents can coach the component pieces of emotion language and perspective taking. Coach Emotion Language – Children being able to … Continue reading Encouraging Children’s Empathy