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Want Your Older Children to Really Talk to You? Practice Open Talk Time

When my girls were little, I practiced Stanley Greenspan's floortime with them as a way to really connect with them in play. Here is a link to a post that describes that practice: As they got older, there was a gradual shift from floortime … [Read More...]

Please Don’t Worry About Labels or Early Services – Embrace Them

I work as a school and developmental psychologist at a few private schools and in my outside practice. In this role, there is a great deal of effort put into directing families to appropriate assessments and matching children with valuable services. While I understand a parent's hesitation at the … [Read More...]

Helping a Child Learn to Calm Down

Does your child get anxious or angry often or frustrated easily? In the moment it's often best to err on the side of support rather than challenging or giving logic and reason as an answer to their emotion. It's often helpful to acknowledge the emotion and provide empathy and give time and space to … [Read More...]

How Discipline Works Backwards for Aggression

The steps of positive discipline provide parents with a framework for moving through any discipline exchange. For most all behaviors, the idea is to work forward through the steps and consider which are needed or are the best fit. I tend to get through most discipline exchanges with empathy and … [Read More...]

Finding a Balance in Offering Children Choices

I am a firm believer in the steps of positive discipline as a framework for effectively managing most discipline exchanges. An active step is offering your child choices about how, when or where they can do the behavior you want them to do. If you want them to put on a coat you might offer "the red … [Read More...]

Contribution and Chores by Age

Contribution is giving children small ways to be helpful throughout the day. If you are folding laundry they can match socks, carry stacks of washcloths and put underwear in drawers. If you are getting dinner ready they can color placemats, butter rolls, serve greenbeans, fold napkins and take drink … [Read More...]

What to Do When They Don’t Like Lessons

Last summer your four year old agreed to swim lessons, even seemed a little excited. When swim lessons started he clung to your leg and cried through the first lesson. He sat on the side for the next few lessons that followed. Here are some ideas for the next go around: Ask what they'd like to do - … [Read More...]

Fun Things to Do on Snow Days

Last year we had a full week home with snow days.  Late on day two we made a list.  I hope it helps on your next snow day! Stay in your pajamas with your kids all day Take bubbles baths Bake cookies from scratch Color Paint Any craft kits that have been sitting on the shelf - our favorite … [Read More...]