Will Not Sit on Potty

4 thoughts on “Will Not Sit on Potty”

  1. My DD is pee trained but not poop trained. She refuses to wear diapers and will just poop in her undies and sometimes tell someone, but other times she will not. She went a whole week being poop trained to get her prize (new baby doll) and the next week right back to pooping in her undies. She turned 3 in Sept and only recently (last month or so) became pee trained. I feel your frustration and at times we are probably not handling this as best we can. Plus I am 2 weeks away from due date with our 2nd, so I totally relate to this person.

  2. It is not uncommon. At least a person in almost each of our potty training workshops is dealing with some version of this. Let me know if you have follow-up questions.

  3. I wanted to sign up for one of your PT classes but the times did not work for us the last time it was offered and the next one is right near my due date. I will try some of the advice above about how great it is that she is pee trained and that we know when she is ready she will poop in the potty. Also, she had some bad bouts of constipation and experienced pain so she now thinks poop on pot = pain. Sometimes when she has gone on the potty she will even say “that did not hurt” so I think we have that working against us too. She holds it in and then gets constipated and then it is painful and even requires “intervention”. I know this is common at this age so I try to monitor it so it does not ended up being really bad constipation.

  4. With constipation, be sure you have talked with your pediatrician. That can get out of hand quickly and have a longer lasting impact. For sure, be doing all of the home remedies like more water and more walking, more fruits, vegetables and fiber and avoiding starchy foods. If this has been on-going it may be your pediatrician would suggest a regularly given laxative to stay cleaned out and let her system have a bit of a break. Constipation can quickly move from being a physical to a physical and psychological concern. If she has it in her head that pooping hurts it can take considerably longer to have her reliably potty trained.

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