Giving Them Space: Being a Child of the 70s

3 thoughts on “Giving Them Space: Being a Child of the 70s”

  1. i agree and i like your perspective. i have all the same goals you have. i do try to let my kids experience conflict, although it breaks my heart while they are going through it. i think allowing them to feel disappointment, conflict and face challenges now does help them become stronger, more adaptable adults. i will definitely have to loosen the strings a bit as my oldest is turning 13, the mall idea is great! i do want them to be ready for what life brings when they are let loose in a few years. thanks!

  2. Such an interesting point you make about freedom earned with certain milestones (i.e. driver’s license) without the years of practice and experience. I do often think about how my “protection” may be having the opposite effect….so hard to let go sometimes though.
    I really enjoyed this post – glad to have come across your blog.

  3. I agree, can be so hard to avoid rescuing or protecting them from negative experiences but those experiences in the long run shape them in positive ways. We talk in classes about the benefits of letting natural consequences play out in discipline situations. I think this is a small way to start on the path. This continues to be one of my own parenting struggles.
    Thanks for participating with comments! Rene

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