Allowance by Age

2 thoughts on “Allowance by Age”

  1. I love the idea of a dollar per year of life. However I have been using a different method. We make my 5 year old earn his allowance up to $5.60 a week but he averages $3:50…we have a list of chores. We are a firm believers in earning your money rather that handing out. Is that an acceptable method? I would like see your take. Thank you.

  2. I like this idea! You have up to $5.60 available but he averages about $3.50 based on what actually gets done. The people who write about all this tend to say it’s all or nothing, they do all their chores and get all their allowance or not. Your approach pays them what they’ve earned. I think the people who write are trying to avoid big debates each week but as long as yours isn’t an upset, I prefer it so they are actually earning even if they missed a thing or two. I want to err on the side of flexiblity when I can. Thank you, Rene

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