America’s Supernanny Tired and Confused

3 thoughts on “America’s Supernanny Tired and Confused”

  1. Thanks, as always for great parenting advice. I haven’t seen the show, but I definitely will not watch it now. Self esteem is so important and it seems to be one of the harder things to give a child as I think a lot of it is pre-programmed. However, it doesn’t take a parenting genius to know that focusing on looks is a great way to diminish self esteem. Aie yai yai.

  2. Hi Babette, Thank you for this. Self esteem is a tricky concept. I think often parents and teachers are trying to give this to children when it is something that needs to be built.

    There are three great books on self esteem. Your Child’s Self Esteem by Briggs provides a great place to start. The Optomistic Child by Seligman has a good chapter on the research today and Mindset by Dweck well explains the downside of labels and defining talent.

  3. Oh, dear. When we have to use time out, it’s often because our son didn’t listen to us when we asked him to do something. We tell him it’s because he wasn’t listening when we asked him to brush his teeth, or put on his pajamas, or whatever it was. We’re descriptive so he knows what it was he didn’t listen about, but I see that’s stating the discipline in the negative, thus showing him not listening gets attention. Please help us figure out a more positive way to explain it to him!

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