The Steps of Positive Discipline

6 thoughts on “The Steps of Positive Discipline”

  1. Dear Dr. Rene,

    This is great blog on positive discipline. Thank you for your efforts to promote attachment-based parenting.

    I wanted to share with you an incredibly important project for children and mothers.
    Would you please “like” our Facebook page
    We are trying to produce a documentary to help raise awareness on the negative effects of spanking. Our website is
    Thank you!
    Robbyn Peters Bennett, LMHC
    Child Mental Health Specialist

  2. I am having difficulty with positive intent with my almost 3 year old. I keep reverting back to “you listened the first time, good job.” instead of “you listened the first time, that showed ____” I can’t come up with anything. Or “you shared, why to go” when I should be saying “You shared, that was nice”. Can anyone give some suggestions?

    1. This is the descriptor when catching good behaviors. I tend to think make a list of attributes you would like him to have such as brave, smart, friendly, cooperative, kind, gentle, nice, persistent, caring, thoughtful, helpful. Go wide with the language.

    2. Hi Morgan,
      Sometimes I will say to my grand daughter, who is 4, “It is so hard to listen sometimes, isn’t it?” For her, she has difficulty not interrupting conversations. She gets so stressed out when others are talking and jumps in to say what she wants. It can be really irritating. It takes so much patience, because it really is hard for her (and me!). LOL!

  3. Hi Robbyn,
    A few good children’s books on interrupting:
    Interrupting Chicken byu Stein
    My Mouth is a Volcano by Cook
    Lacey Walker Nonstop Talker by Jones

    1. This is perfect, because of course she loves books. Thanks Dr. Rene!

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