Calm Parenting – Shift Your Responsibility

2 thoughts on “Calm Parenting – Shift Your Responsibility”

  1. What if my 7 years old understands very well why he goes to school and why he has to do his homework and still argues about it and prefers to skip it????

    1. Many 7 year olds would rather stay home and play or lounge after school because it is the easy and fun option. There are a few 37 year olds I know if given the option of work or a day off at the beach, would take the beach every time. It is also difficult because the long term benefits of good grades, meaning better future options such as class choice and college acceptance rates are lost on a 7 year old. I think the general answers are to give a lot of empathy when he pushes to not go help him to manage the homework when he prefers to skip it. This means breaking it into smaller pieces, providing the study area and time, and making what you can more interactive or playful.

      Other helpful responses here?

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