Child Chewing on Clothes

5 thoughts on “Child Chewing on Clothes”

  1. Hi
    I have a problem with my 11 year daughter keep chewing her clothes. She keeps sucking and make clothes wet. What kind of disease is this. Am sure detergent used in washing clothes. Few new dresses leaves out colour. She keeps sucking and chewing clothes

  2. Hi I have a 4 year that can’t stop chewing her skin on her fingers and the bottom of her feet she has eaten it so bad that it bleeds and she can’t not put shoes on I tell her to stop when I see her do it but she just keep on doing it I don’t know what I can do but bandage her up I am thinking please help

  3. Thanks so much for the insight…it all makes perfect sense…I have a seven yr old son who was recently being forced to go to his fathers three times a week…as a result he started becoming very unfocused during achool times and was coming home with his clothes all wetfrom him sucking on various parts of his shirt…I have brought him back to my house now on the regular and his activities have started to increase which has resulted in him calming down not biting and his focus and interests are coming back into play.

    1. This sounds more situational and as a reaction to the change and stress. It would be good to keep notes and look for patterns of the behavior with the changes in schedule.

  4. David McClelland says:

    Our child started this too at 3.5. He also was biting his nails. We bought “No Bite” by Orly and he stopped biting his nails. If it worked for his nails, we figured it would work for his clothes as well. It did!!! The cool thing is that it is safe for consumption. We took the nail brush (just like a finger nail polish brush) and brushed or dabbed his clothes where he chewed. The behavior stopped in a few days. We did this for about a month and a half and he stopped completely.

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