Reasons to Teach Your Children Cursive

5 thoughts on “Reasons to Teach Your Children Cursive”

  1. As a handwriting specialist and local occupational therapist, I love cursive for some additional reasons: a child does not need to perfect print, cursive can be a “fresh start” for some children and some children that struggle with consistent letter formation in print actually do better in cursive. Cursive has to be mastered by consistent practice. Use it or Lose it! Handwriting without Tears has links about Common Core Standards and Handwriting on their website.

  2. There are good reasons for cursive, but are there really studies connecting cursive to spelling? I can write perfectly fine in cursive, but am a horrible speller. Hooray for spell check! Would be interesting to see some citations for this article.

    1. Hi Mari, Yes, there are. The idea is the flow between letters promotes the physical memory of word formation which leads to correct spelling. I will look for citations.

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