Ideas for New Year’s Eve with Kids


I love New Year’s Eve with my kids. We started letting them stay up as late as they could with the goal of making it to midnight when Claire was three and Alicen was almost six. That first year they made it til about 10:30 p.m..

  • Okay, this seems an obvious one, but plan a game night. Break out all your board games and play! Include movement games like Twister and Hullabaloo and party games like charades and pin-the-tail.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt.
  • Take bubble baths.
  • Have a movie night.
  • Plan a craft night.
  • Hang a disco ball and have a dance party.
  • Have the kids plan the menu and help make the meal.
  • Instead of dinner have an appetizer night. Make one large appetizer plate per hour.
  • Have dessert for dinner. Make it a Sundae Party and provide all the toppings.
  • Build a fire in the fire-pit and make s’mores.
  • Discuss resolutions and make them as a family.
  • Make a pillow fort.
  • Have a family slumber party. Bring sleeping bags and pillows to the living room and camp out.
  • Have confetti, noise makers and poppers on hands for if they actually make it til midnight (or don’t).
  • If they don’t make it to midnight, search “New Year’s ball drop” on Youtube and pick one. You can have the ball drop whenever kids get tired.

Please add your own ideas here!

Author: Dr. Rene Hackney

With a MA in school psychology and a PhD in developmental psychology, I founded and work as a parent educator at Parenting Playgroups. Somewhere in there I trained in the Developmental Clinic at Children's NMC and in the public schools. I have two beautiful, funny children who make me practice what I preach most everyday.

2 thoughts on “Ideas for New Year’s Eve with Kids”

  1. For little kids, we find a recording of the ball drop on you tube and play it for them around 8pm — countdown and all. That way they get to experience the fun without having to stay up so late!

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