Want Kids to Play with Their Toys?

One thought on “Want Kids to Play with Their Toys?”

  1. I had an experience today that might interest you. I teach a preschool three class, and during periods of “free play” time, one child would take the toy cars and run around (and around!). I was wishing I had one of those road map play mats, but even they can be a little limiting, when it dawned on me that we could make “roads” using colored masking tape on the floor. I helped him tear off a few strips and he got busy. Soon, all of the children were tearing off strips and using them to make roads. When they decided it was done, they got down on the floor to drive cars and planes on them (no more racing around!) , then began using blocks to make ramps, buildings and parking spaces. They were super pleased with their city, which took about forty minutes to construct. It was creative, interactive, open-ended, and solved a problem – and cost virtually nothing! Yay!

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