Giving Challenges Builds Self Esteem

3 thoughts on “Giving Challenges Builds Self Esteem”

  1. I am really working hard on my daughters self esteem and willingness to accept challenges but I don’t think I am very successful. Every little detail and losing will make her quit….How to teach them not to quit?

    1. “Every little detail and losing will make her quit” sounds like you might be dealing with perfectionistic tendency or a bit of anxiety more than low self-esteem overall. While all of these things can be related, teasing out will help to direct how to best address her. Does it feel like perfectionism – a need to get things right, an upset over making mistakes, holding her own to higher standards than others? Does it feel like anxiety – is she anxious easily over other things, is she mostly worried about others seeing mistakes or how she is perceived?
      Also how old is she?

  2. Great little article. Solid self-esteem is bases on real achievement. Some excellent ideas. I especially like the idea of challenge in play, and the one about teaching you something they have learned.

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