Ideas for Reading Aloud with Young Children

The Department of Education cites reading aloud with children as the number one way to build successful readers. The goal is reading aloud to children for a minimum of 20 minutes a day in order to build a love of stories and books. Reading aloud with very young children can be a challenge. Here are … Continue reading “Ideas for Reading Aloud with Young Children”

Ideas for Reading Aloud with Older Children

The Department of Education encourages parents to read aloud to their children 20 minutes a day at a minimum. The idea is to read aloud to them for longer stretches and more often as you are able. It’s also suggested that you continue to read aloud to your children long passed the time you thought … Continue reading “Ideas for Reading Aloud with Older Children”

Holiday Reading Tips

I’d like to share a few of our holiday traditions that revolve around reading. We’ve compiled a stack of 25 Christmas themed picture books. Each night, starting on the first of the month we include one in our read aloud time before bed. On the night of the 25th, we read what was their favorite … Continue reading “Holiday Reading Tips”

>Recommended Reading List

>DisciplinePositive Discipline by NelsenEasy to Love, Difficult to Discipline by BaileyHow to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk by Faber & MazlishThe Discipline Book by Sear & SearsUnconditional Parenting by KohnNo More Meltdowns (on tantrums) by BakerAnd Of Course – Eight Weeks to Positive Discipline by Hackney Self-EsteemYour Child’s Self-Esteem … Continue reading “>Recommended Reading List”

Ways to Encourage Even Young Children to Wear Masks

It can be hard enough to get children to wear their jackets and keep their shoes on. Getting them to wear masks may seem like an impossible task. With mask mandates and the start of school just around the corner, here are several ways to encourage even young children to wear masks. Fit and comfort … Continue reading “Ways to Encourage Even Young Children to Wear Masks”

Homework Solution #2: Place

Another common homework battle is over place. The goal is a well stocked, well lit space with a good table or desk and a comfortable something for reading. Well stocked means having everything your child might need for homework for the year. In elementary school this might be pencils, erasers, wide lined paper, markers, crayons, … Continue reading “Homework Solution #2: Place”

Homework Solution #1: Time

The most common homework concerns are related to time, space and organization. I am linking three blog posts with the aim to answer each. There isn’t a best time to do homework, just several options. The idea is to find what fits your family best for now. There are some children who just want it … Continue reading “Homework Solution #1: Time”

Providing a Foundation for Academic Success in Preschool Friendly Ways

I am firmly in the learning through play camp when it comes to preschoolers and early academics. Done in a good way, this doesn’t mean just let them play and they’ll be ready. It means thoughtfully providing academic experiences in fun, engaging and play based ways. Early Literacy Skills to Keep in Mind – Early … Continue reading “Providing a Foundation for Academic Success in Preschool Friendly Ways”

Providing Children a Sense of Community

I am aging myself here, I was a child in the 1970s. We knocked on doors to ask friends to play, rode bikes unsupervised and stayed out until the street lights came on. Starting in Kindergarten I walked to elementary school with other kids from my street. As a tween, I earned money babysitting and … Continue reading “Providing Children a Sense of Community”