Teaching Patience

In class, we encourage people to listen to others, to take turns speaking and to wait until a friend is finished, so they avoid interrupting. It can be helpful to coach children to listen to others and wait for a break in conversation to speak. When children are little, it may work more smoothly to … Continue reading Teaching Patience

Teach Sequencing

This is a piece of attention span and impulse control that overlaps with the previous posts’ suggestions about listening, planning and organization. Sequencing is more about the follow through of listening and the organization of a plan. We practice this with Sequence Cards* where children are given pictures and asked to arrange them in a story … Continue reading Teach Sequencing

Article on Teaching Self-Control

I just wanted to share a link to a great article from The New York Times titled Building Self-Control, The American Way by Aamodt and Wang. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/19/opinion/sunday/building-self-control-the-american-way.html?pagewanted=all During the next week, I will post ideas and activities to support developing listening skills, planning, goal setting and follow through skills, sequencing, their attention to detail, attention span and … Continue reading Article on Teaching Self-Control

Attention Span Tips

Attention span is a developing trait through the preschool and grade school years. Children are gradually learning to be better listeners, to sit and attend through activities, to block out distractors and to listen and follow directions. There are many ways to encourage attention to tasks including Build on their interests – If your child is … Continue reading Attention Span Tips