Encouraging Early Language

There are many ways to encourage early language: Provide Running Commentary– Running commentary is talking about all the things your child is seeing, doing and feeling. Be sure to use lots of labels. This sounds like, “oh, you have a ball. You rolled the ball. That ball is rolling fast. I have it; I caught … Continue reading Encouraging Early Language

Building Vocabulary

Once they are talking, there are many ways to build a child’s vocabulary. Continue giving running commentary – Talk about all the things they are doing and seeing. Be sure to include functional definitions and adjectives. Continue echo expansion – When they say, “more juice,” model back, “you’d like more apple juice, please?” Keep their … Continue reading Building Vocabulary

Encouraging Early Speech

There are many ways to encourage early speech. Here are a few ideas: Pair Gestures with Your Words – Nod when you say “yes,” wave when you say “hi.”   More True Toys, Less Passive Toys – If there are speech concerns, do away with all the electronic toys that do the talking and make … Continue reading Encouraging Early Speech