Ideas for New Year’s Eve with Kids

  I love New Year’s Eve with my kids. We started letting them stay up as late as they could with the goal of making it to midnight when Claire was three and Alicen was almost six. That first year they made it til about 10:30 p.m.. Okay, this seems an obvious one, but plan … Continue reading Ideas for New Year’s Eve with Kids

Thanksgiving Day Parenting Tips

Thanksgiving day without children can be hectic between travel time, visiting family, cooking and cleaning. Add a seven, four and two-year-old to the mix, and it can feel overwhelming. Here are a few ideas to help with the day: Do what you can ahead – This may be baking desserts, making and freezing side dishes … Continue reading Thanksgiving Day Parenting Tips

Holiday Reading Tips

I’d like to share a few of our holiday traditions that revolve around reading. We’ve compiled a stack of 25 Christmas themed picture books. Each night, starting on the first of the month we include one in our read aloud time before bed. On the night of the 25th, we read what was their favorite … Continue reading Holiday Reading Tips

Managing Holiday Stress

I have a tendency to over schedule. As we enter the Holiday Season, this year more than ever, I want to slow down, appreciate the small things and make time for family. Here are a few things I am going to keep in mind, not just to keep sanity, but hopefully to add enjoyment. Help … Continue reading Managing Holiday Stress

Grandparent Issues

There are two general guidelines for deciding to address a grandparenting concern. The first is to decide if it is a health and safety issue. Let’s say a grandparent spanks, and you are strongly against spanking. This would be considered a health and safety issue, so even if they only visit a few days a … Continue reading Grandparent Issues

Tips for Holiday Stress

With so many errands, activities and outings, it is easy to become stressed during the Holidays. Unfortunately, when we are stressed, our children likely feel it too. Here are a few tips to help families manage this time of year. Start early and spread it out – Start your lists now if you haven’t already. … Continue reading Tips for Holiday Stress

Sibling Peace & Holidays

Tips for Managing Siblings, Cousins and Friends over the Holidays If your house is anything like our house over the holidays, there are children coming and going at all times and many may overstay their initial warm and friendly welcome. Children stuck in the house together who have been used to the elbow room of … Continue reading Sibling Peace & Holidays