Are we together too much?

Tips for Creating Space in a Family “I feel like I am disciplining my children way more often than my mother had to discipline me.” I hear this often. It may be that we, as families, are just together too much. Or, at least together way more than we were with our families growing up. … Continue reading Are we together too much?

Leaving Children Home Alone

My girls were 7 and 10 years old when I decided to leave them home alone for the first time. They were excited and slightly concerned, so we spent about 40 minutes talking through the details about where I’d be, how long I’d be gone, what they could and couldn’t do, how to contact me … Continue reading Leaving Children Home Alone

Encouraging a Sense of Responsibility

Responsibility is best taught in small doses across childhood. Think of gradually increasing expectations, ownership and chores overtime. Responsible for belongings – A way to build a sense of responsibility is to have them gradually be responsible for their belongings. This means teaching them to keep their toys clean and all the pieces together, keep … Continue reading Encouraging a Sense of Responsibility

Nurturing Independence

Dear Dr. Rene, My, just turned three years old, son knows his alphabet, colors, shapes and dinosaurs. He is beginning to spell and can manage 48 piece puzzles by himself. He is very interested in learning and listens intently and soaks information up like a sponge when interested. My concerns are when he has to … Continue reading Nurturing Independence

>Independent Play

>Tips for Encouraging Independent Play * First, pinpoint any particular needy times and plan accordingly. If your childis an early riser and always in need of company at that time or if they need to reconnect when parents first return home, don’t expect those to be times for independentplay. * Try starting activities together that … Continue reading >Independent Play