Play Builds Academic Foundation

Our Preschool Play Program is very play based. Open play is available the whole class time, with group play activities presented throughout. While we don’t focus on academics, we have a firm belief that play provides a strong foundation for later academics. Here are a few ways: Challenges in Play Build a Sense of Industry– The … Continue reading Play Builds Academic Foundation

Teach Them to Listen

There are many ways to build listening skills. There are lots of good children’s books that introduce the idea and importance of listening. A few titles include Listen and Learn by Free Spirit Publishing, The Worst Day of My Life Ever by Julia Cook and the Amelia Bedelia books. Many games practice listening skills including … Continue reading Teach Them to Listen

Article on Teaching Self-Control

I just wanted to share a link to a great article from The New York Times titled Building Self-Control, The American Way by Aamodt and Wang. During the next week, I will post ideas and activities to support developing listening skills, planning, goal setting and follow through skills, sequencing, their attention to detail, attention span and … Continue reading Article on Teaching Self-Control

>Learn Thru Play

>Dear Dr. Hackney, Our four year-old is scheduled to start Kindergarten in the fall of 2008. We want her to be ready. Should we encourage her to “learn through play” or introduce academics? Sincerely,Rina, Mother of oneFour years-old Dear Rina, You can and should be doing both. The idea of “learning through play” is the … Continue reading >Learn Thru Play