How to Get Kids to Stay at the Dinner Table

Kids getting up and down from the dinner table is such a common complaint. For the parents who are in the thick of this behavior, it’s exhausting. Here are lots of ideas for keeping them at the table. Continue the high chair or booster seat – I would keep the highchair with a strap as … Continue reading How to Get Kids to Stay at the Dinner Table

Tips for Teaching Manners

There are a few games for teaching manners like for “Mother May I” we add “Mother May I Please.” The exchange before moving is, “mother, may I please take two steps?” “yes, you may,” “thank you,” “your welcome.” After each four phrase exchange, the child moves and the next player asks. Start a ‘manners jar.’ … Continue reading Tips for Teaching Manners

Teaching Children Thankfulness

There are so many great ways to teach children thankfulness. Say “Thank you” as often as you can – Model manners. If you expect them to say “please” and “thank you” often, you’ll need to model it yourself. It can be helpful to include a bit about why you are saying “thank you.” Meaning say, … Continue reading Teaching Children Thankfulness

Mantras in Our Family

 Avoid Creating Work for Other People – Maybe this comes from waiting tables through college, or from how hectic our careers feel now, but I’m reminding the girls often to not create work for other people. In little ways, this means checking under the table at restaurants to be sure we’ve not left a mess. In … Continue reading Mantras in Our Family

Teaching Patience

In class, we encourage people to listen to others, to take turns speaking and to wait until a friend is finished, so they avoid interrupting. It can be helpful to coach children to listen to others and wait for a break in conversation to speak. When children are little, it may work more smoothly to … Continue reading Teaching Patience

Mealtime Behaviors

Using contribution to address behaviors means giving children jobs related to the given situation. This is a proactive skill that can be used before, during and after mealtimes. Before meals, children can be buttering rolls, serving green beans, taking drink orders, coloring placemats and writing menus. During meals, children can pass serving bowls, serve onto … Continue reading Mealtime Behaviors

Correcting Manners

Dear Dr. Rene, We had a grown-up visitor who taught my daughter to burp at the table. I didn’t like this at all, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I kept my mouth shut. What is the best way to handle this situation without upsetting anybody? Sincerely, Katya, Mother of One Dear Katya, … Continue reading Correcting Manners