How to Get Kids to Stay at the Dinner Table

Kids getting up and down from the dinner table is such a common complaint. For the parents who are in the thick of this behavior, it’s exhausting. Here are lots of ideas for keeping them at the table. Continue the high chair or booster seat – I would keep the highchair with a strap as … Continue reading How to Get Kids to Stay at the Dinner Table

Childhood Obesity: The Answers are Simple in Theory

The commonly sited stat that one-in-three U.S. children are overweight is striking. In the last 30 years, children being overweight has doubled, and adolescents being obese has tripled. This should get your attention whether your children are heavy or not. There is a strong likelihood that overweight children will be overweight adults. These numbers represent … Continue reading Childhood Obesity: The Answers are Simple in Theory

Mealtime Behaviors

Using contribution to address behaviors means giving children jobs related to the given situation. This is a proactive skill that can be used before, during and after mealtimes. Before meals, children can be buttering rolls, serving green beans, taking drink orders, coloring placemats and writing menus. During meals, children can pass serving bowls, serve onto … Continue reading Mealtime Behaviors

Mealtime Tips

There are several guidelines to encourage healthy eating habits while avoiding pickyness traps. The overarching guideline is, parents are in charge of what is offered, children are in charge of what and how much of what they eat. Following this, parents are to provide a healthy, wide range of choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, … Continue reading Mealtime Tips

Mealtime Question

Parent Question: My four-year-old is not eating at the table. He wants both my husband and I to help him eat and is very fussy; he won’t try mashed potatoes or anything. It’s a constant battle as he wants toys at the table when eating, like something to keep him occupied rather than eating. He … Continue reading Mealtime Question

Mealtime Struggles

Dear Dr. Rene, Our three-and-half-year-old daughter has started to struggle over mealtimes. She is becoming extremely picky. She will not try new foods and refuses to eat dinner with us at the table. What next? Sincerely, Ginny, Mother of One Dear Ginny, Struggles over food are another matter all together. The folks who write about … Continue reading Mealtime Struggles

>Playful at the Dinnertable

>Dear Dr. Hackney, My nearly three year old daughter, Natalie, is a picky eater. Actually, she’ll eat a variety of foods, but only after I literally beg her to try the first bite. For example, we’ll sit at dinner with chicken and salad; she’s eaten chicken a million times. But, she will sit and eat … Continue reading >Playful at the Dinnertable