Tips for a Better Naptime

Most children shift to two naps sometime in the first year and then down to one longer nap sometime between 18 months to two years old. Many children give up naps on their own between three and five years old. Before they give up naps all together, many young children go through phases of not … Continue reading Tips for a Better Naptime

Nap Time Question

Parent Question: My three-and-three-fourths-year-old doesn’t want to nap. It takes her time to fall asleep when she does nap, both at bed time and naptime. When she does nap, I would say that, on a 24 hour period, she sleeps 10-12 hours. How much sleep should she be getting in a 24 hour period? How … Continue reading Nap Time Question

Nap Issues

Dear Dr. Rene, My two-year-old still takes an afternoon nap for one to three hours each afternoon. I’ve noticed if the afternoon nap is long, or if he naps later in the afternoon, he has trouble going to sleep at the regular 8:00 p.m. bedtime or wakes up during the night. If he skips nap … Continue reading Nap Issues