Playdates and Stressed Kids

Dear Dr. Rene, My son is almost three years old. He is very verbal and cognitive, but seems overwhelmed easily in playgroups. If we are at playgrounds and there are three or more kids nearby, he wants to leave. If an indoor group is loud, or children are misbehaving, he gets extremely upset. He manages better … Continue reading Playdates and Stressed Kids

Downtime Play Tips

Downtime is truely unstructured, “go play” time. It’s suggested children have an hour of downtime a day through 10 years old. With the pace of life, downtime can be hard to come by. Here are a few tips to get you started: Turn of the tv and computers – Screentime is anti-downtime. When children are … Continue reading Downtime Play Tips

Floortime Tips

Developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, founder of DIR/Floortime and author of many respected parenting books, Floortime offers parents a system of play to encourage language development, social skills, emotion regulation and leadership abilities. Seen as beneficial to all children, this approach to play is often incorporated into therapies for children with speech and language delays, and … Continue reading Floortime Tips


The topic in our morning Play & Workshop last week was Floortime. Moving forward I am going to post the highlights from each topic weekly. So here goes… Floortime is an approach to play developed by Stanley Greenspan MD. If you haven’t heard of him he is a child psychiatrist who is big in the … Continue reading Floortime

>Independent Play

>Tips for Encouraging Independent Play * First, pinpoint any particular needy times and plan accordingly. If your childis an early riser and always in need of company at that time or if they need to reconnect when parents first return home, don’t expect those to be times for independentplay. * Try starting activities together that … Continue reading >Independent Play

>Learn Thru Play

>Dear Dr. Hackney, Our four year-old is scheduled to start Kindergarten in the fall of 2008. We want her to be ready. Should we encourage her to “learn through play” or introduce academics? Sincerely,Rina, Mother of oneFour years-old Dear Rina, You can and should be doing both. The idea of “learning through play” is the … Continue reading >Learn Thru Play