8-Week Positive Discipline Series

An abbreviated version of the popular 8-Weeks to Positive Discipline Series is now on YouTube Intro Introduction to positive discipline Outline Week 1 1.1 Role of emotions and “I” messages 1.2 Giving children empathy week 1 outline Week 2 2.1 Positive Intent2.2 Positive Directions2.3 Descriptive v. Evaluative Praise week 2 outline Week 3 3.1 Choices, … Continue reading 8-Week Positive Discipline Series

Descriptive versus Evaluative Praise

The folks who research on praise would like parents and teachers to use descriptive praise and avoid evaluative praise when commenting on children’s behaviors, academics and athletics. What to Say and Why: Descriptive Praise Descriptive praise describes behavior and gives it a label. For behavior, this might be, “you handed a block, that was helpful,” or, … Continue reading Descriptive versus Evaluative Praise

12 Ways to Coach Good Behaviors

If you’ve had to discipline the same behavior several times, it is time to start coaching.  Coaching is teaching your child about better behaviors, and it’s focused on what you want them to do. For this to be most effective, coaching should be engaging and fun. There are so many ways to shape behaviors, but … Continue reading 12 Ways to Coach Good Behaviors

Steps of Positive Discipline : A Grocery Store Example

Before the discipline, here’s a link to a previous post about ways to enjoy grocery shopping with your kids by age: https://parentingbydrrene.com/2013/06/02/successful-grocery-shopping-with-children/ Discipline Scenario: Your three-year-old wants to walk at the grocery store, but repeatedly pulls things off the shelf onto the floor. Proactive discipline techniques: Positive directions – This is a reminder to tell … Continue reading Steps of Positive Discipline : A Grocery Store Example