Difficult Diaper Changes?

Dear Dr. Rene, I am the mother of twin (Boy and Girl) 20-month-olds. Since about the age of eight months, changing diapers and clothes has been very difficult. Both children move about during this process, which is normal, but they really scream and fight, and they are really strong, and I have a really difficult … Continue reading Difficult Diaper Changes?

Will Only Potty at Home

Dear Dr. Rene, We worked with our two-and-a-half year old daughter for three months on potty training with lots of ups and downs. She was finally trained and had been diaper free for one month. She started daycare two weeks ago, and she refuses to go to the toilet there. We had this problem before daycare, … Continue reading Will Only Potty at Home

Ownership in Potty Training

Dear Dr. Rene, My almost two-and-a-half-year-old decided she wanted underwear 11 days ago. So, we are 11 days into potty training. She goes to daycare, and is now fully potty trained at daycare (at least barring any regression that could happen.) At home, I still have to take her to the potty every hour, or she’ll … Continue reading Ownership in Potty Training

Travel Potty Training Tips

Before you start potty training, it is beneficial to consider what you are going to do about the process when you are away from home. The first is to consider the potty itself. There are folding seats that fit on potties, folding stand-alone options, blow-up options and full-size floor potties available. Whatever you choose, it’s … Continue reading Travel Potty Training Tips

Will Not Sit on Potty

Dear Dr. Rene, My daughter will be four years old in January and will not pee or poop on the potty. She wears underwear all day long and very rarely has an accident. However, whenever she has to pee or poop, she asks for a pull-up. She puts on the pull-up herself, goes pee, takes … Continue reading Will Not Sit on Potty

Potty Training Question

Parent Question: By this point, my child has the hang of peeing in the potty. She still sometimes goes in her pull-up, but more so on the toilet. We’re continuing to have two issues I’m hoping you can advise on: 1) Very rarely does she ask to go to the potty. She’s not good at … Continue reading Potty Training Question