When a Child Prefers One Parent

Question: Dear Dr. Rene, I have a two years and eight months old girl. I nursed her for 18 months. After that point, I slowly have faded into the background. If daddy is around, I am out. I can’t give her a bath and put her to bed without dealing with tantrums about why daddy … Continue reading When a Child Prefers One Parent

Playdates and Stressed Kids

Dear Dr. Rene, My son is almost three years old. He is very verbal and cognitive, but seems overwhelmed easily in playgroups. If we are at playgrounds and there are three or more kids nearby, he wants to leave. If an indoor group is loud, or children are misbehaving, he gets extremely upset. He manages better … Continue reading Playdates and Stressed Kids

Struggles with Three-Year-Old

Dear Dr. Rene, Our three-and-a-half-year-old daughter is very strong willed – a trait I share – which leads to a variety of difficulties. We are having particular issues over clothing and bathtime. She wants the same outfit everyday and refuses to take baths. I have tried offering choices and compromises, but every option is met … Continue reading Struggles with Three-Year-Old