Ways to Encourage Early Writing

Before they are writing There are lots of ways to encourage the skills that support writing from long before they are writing letters and words. Fine motor activities – Starting in the first year, you can give activities that practice the pincer grasp and exercize the fingers. This is picking up small food like Cheerios or … Continue reading Ways to Encourage Early Writing

Kindergarten Readiness

As a follow-up to my Kindergarten Readiness workshop today, I wanted to post a few notes: Kindergarten teachers are not often as stressed as parents about an individual child’s readiness for Kindergarten. From the teacher’s standpoint, there are two main categories, academic readiness and social readiness. Across studies, social readiness ranks higher on teachers’ scales … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness

>Recognizes Letters

>Dear Dr. Hackney, My four year old son recognizes all of his upper and lower case letters. What is the next step? Sincerely,KarenMother of two, ages four and three years Dear Karen, That is great he recognizes his letters. The next step, if he is interested, is to pair the letter shapes with their sounds. … Continue reading >Recognizes Letters