A Great Start to the School Year

After a relaxing summer, getting into the school routine can be a tough transition.  There are lots of small things to do to help the school year get off to a great start. Good night, good breakfast and calm morning – Do what you can the night before including pack lunches, pick outfits and review … Continue reading A Great Start to the School Year

Tips for Starting Kindergarten

The start of Kindergarten is an exciting time! If your child is starting this fall, there are many things you can be doing to get them ready. Preview the school – Spend some time this summer playing on the school’s playground. Visit their website with your child to view pictures and videos. If there is … Continue reading Tips for Starting Kindergarten

Kindergarten Readiness

As a follow-up to my Kindergarten Readiness workshop today, I wanted to post a few notes: Kindergarten teachers are not often as stressed as parents about an individual child’s readiness for Kindergarten. From the teacher’s standpoint, there are two main categories, academic readiness and social readiness. Across studies, social readiness ranks higher on teachers’ scales … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness

Exhausted Starting Kindergarten

Dear Dr. Rene, My daughter started Kindergarten last week, and by Friday she was just exhausted. She is a good sleeper. What can we do? Sincerely, MaryAnne mom of two, ages five and two-and-a-half Dear MaryAnne, Kindergarten can be exhausting! For many children, it is their first experience with being away from home regularly for … Continue reading Exhausted Starting Kindergarten