Exactly! Downside of E-Readers for Young Children

So, I’ve been asked many times in the last year for my thoughts about young children playing on iPads or reading on Kindles. My answers always lean towards it being better to play with toys or each other and read books rather than screens. Even when it’s just to occupy them because you need a minute, I … Continue reading Exactly! Downside of E-Readers for Young Children

Holiday Reading Tips

I’d like to share a few of our holiday traditions that revolve around reading. We’ve compiled a stack of 25 Christmas themed picture books. Each night, starting on the first of the month we include one in our read aloud time before bed. On the night of the 25th, we read what was their favorite … Continue reading Holiday Reading Tips

Interest in Reading?

Dear Dr. Rene, My second grader is a pretty good reader. She is making progress in her reading group at school but still doesn’t love books the way I loved books when I was little. I was always buried in books and had a great love of reading. Is there something more I should be … Continue reading Interest in Reading?

>Good Children’s Books By Topic

>New BabyHello Baby by RockwellBefore You Were Born by Davis & CornellJulius baby of the World by Henkes SiblingsBig Sister, Little Sister by Zolotow & AlexanderShelia Rae the Brave by Henkes CompetitionThe Mightiest by KaszaTimothy Goes to School by Wells Potty TrainingTime to Pee by WillemsOnce Upon a Potty by FrankelWhere’s the Poop by Markes … Continue reading >Good Children’s Books By Topic

>Recognizes Letters

>Dear Dr. Hackney, My four year old son recognizes all of his upper and lower case letters. What is the next step? Sincerely,KarenMother of two, ages four and three years Dear Karen, That is great he recognizes his letters. The next step, if he is interested, is to pair the letter shapes with their sounds. … Continue reading >Recognizes Letters