What to do When Children Bicker in the Car

My children are now teenagers, and we still occasionally have this. Here are several ways to solve: Settle specifics – In our house, it has always been the music. Settling specifics means coming up with a full, solid and publicly agreed upon plan for repeat conflicts. For a few years, our plan was structured around … Continue reading What to do When Children Bicker in the Car

More Car Games

I have been thinking since the last post of all the additional ways we keep the kids engaged on road trips. Here are a few more ideas: Collect as You Go – Bring an extra backpack to let children collect ticket stubs, receipts, brochures, maps and souvenirs as you go. This can be a treasure trove of … Continue reading More Car Games

Car Games

On long roadtrips, it can be tempting to let kids plug-in to their i-pods or watch movies all day. I tend to think the car is the perfect place to connect with each other, you have a captive audience. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Play Games – 20 Questions, Punch Buggy, … Continue reading Car Games