Exhausted Starting Kindergarten

Dear Dr. Rene, My daughter started Kindergarten last week, and by Friday she was just exhausted. She is a good sleeper. What can we do? Sincerely, MaryAnne mom of two, ages five and two-and-a-half Dear MaryAnne, Kindergarten can be exhausting! For many children, it is their first experience with being away from home regularly for … Continue reading Exhausted Starting Kindergarten

End Homework Battles

There are two homework battles you should end before they start. The two issues families struggle over most often are time and place. To settle the time for homework, sit down with your child and a calendar. Write in when all after school activities are taking place. Consider how long homework should take each night. … Continue reading End Homework Battles

>Back to School Tips

> With all of us getting in the “back to school” mode, here are six of our top tips for making a smooth and heathy transition into the school year routine. Encourage a good night’s sleep. Preschool through elementary age children are encouraged to get 10 to 12 hours of sleep overnight. Consistent bedtimes and … Continue reading >Back to School Tips