Separation Anxiety Tips (from CDS with notes for other schools)

Separation anxiety is fairly common in the toddler and preschool years. It is most likely to happen in response to the start of a new school year as it is a change in caregivers, setting, peer activity and schedule all at once. Goodbye rituals can be helpful. When my girls were little we had two … Continue reading Separation Anxiety Tips (from CDS with notes for other schools)

Traveling Away from Children

Dear Dr. Rene, I am traveling alone at the early part of December and again in January. The first trip is to visit my sister who is ill and following treatment. The second trip is work related. I will be gone a week for each trip and have only been away from the girls once before. They … Continue reading Traveling Away from Children

Separation Issues Question

Parent Question: I have two-and-a-half year old twins who are experiencing separation issues. One has separation anxiety from me during the day, and the other one at night (meaning he wants me to hold, rock, or sleep with him all night long). It started a few weeks ago and each subsequent night has gotten worse. … Continue reading Separation Issues Question

Preschool and Separation

Dear Dr. Rene, My daughter will be four in September and has never participated in any program away from me. She is very resistant to the idea, but will be starting preschool in the fall. Is it okay for preschool to be her first experience away from me, or should I force the issue this … Continue reading Preschool and Separation