Your Child’s Social Skills and Play

A child’s social competence is most simply defined as their ability to play while keeping friends. If the other kids are happy when your child shows up, they want to continue playing with them and the play tends to go well most of the time then their social skills are likely developing at least fairly … Continue reading Your Child’s Social Skills and Play

Teaching Them How to Share

I think learning to share starts with learning to take turns. Taking turns is more concrete than sharing. The child knows, “I have this to myself. When the timer dings, or you tell me, it will be their turn. If I ask nicely and wait, I will get another turn.’ This can make sense as … Continue reading Teaching Them How to Share

>Teach Sharing

>Dear Dr. Hackney, What are the best ways to foster sharing among toddlers? There is “taking turns” and there is taking the toy away if they can’t share it, but I’m wondering if there are other techniques as well. Thank you!Blog Reader, February 2008 Dear Reader, Under three years-old, your best bet is to focus … Continue reading >Teach Sharing