Curb Tattling

Tattling is a common behavior particularly for children four to seven years old. It is also an unpopular behavior particularly with classmates and older siblings. My Claire was about five years old when she started tattling non-stop on her older sister. It took about a week for Alicen to have enough. Claire was telling on … Continue reading Curb Tattling

Sibling Tips

If you are working to improve sibling relationships, it is suggested that you take the pressure off the individual relationship. Rather than saying, “you will love your sister,” “your brother is going to be your best friend for life,” or, “we are a family of love,” which puts tremendous pressure on the individual relationship, focus … Continue reading Sibling Tips

Competition and Being First

Do your children struggle with winning and losing in play? Are they crushed when they can’t be the first or the best at something? Here are some tips to help you calm the competition: Coach your child on how to be a good winner and a good loser – Being a good winner includes congratulating … Continue reading Competition and Being First

Sibling Discipline

During my workshops on Siblings, I often get questions about discipline. During my workshops on Discipline, I often get questions about siblings. If you have more than one child, you know these topics often overlap. I am going to provide answers here to some of those FAQs. Praise Individually – When you praise a child, … Continue reading Sibling Discipline

Help Between Siblings

Help Between Siblings It is fine to ask for and expect help between siblings. What you want to avoid is one child feeling like the other is their job or responsibility. There are subtle shifts in language and positive discipline techniques that can be helpful in walking this fine line. Give Choices – So their … Continue reading Help Between Siblings

Younger Sibling Woes

Dear Dr. Rene, What do I say when my younger child wants something my older child has or wants to do something my older child is doing, but can’t. How do I nicely say, “you are not old enough or big enough?” I particularly don’t like saying this because, as the baby of the family … Continue reading Younger Sibling Woes

Sibling Concerns

Dear Dr. Rene, My family has a history of siblings not getting along. I was never close to my sister growing up. My mom and dad are practically estranged from their siblings. My sons are only four years old and 14 months old. Is there anything I can do now and in the next few … Continue reading Sibling Concerns

Sibling Peace & Holidays

Tips for Managing Siblings, Cousins and Friends over the Holidays If your house is anything like our house over the holidays, there are children coming and going at all times and many may overstay their initial warm and friendly welcome. Children stuck in the house together who have been used to the elbow room of … Continue reading Sibling Peace & Holidays