All About Time-Outs: Reservations and Guidelines

First a disclaimer – I didn’t use time-outs with my own children. The preschool that I work at reserves time-outs only for when all else fails. As a formal approach, they haven’t used this in at least the last two years. Not positive discipline – Time-outs are not considered positive discipline. It’s not included in … Continue reading All About Time-Outs: Reservations and Guidelines

America’s Supernanny Tired and Confused

I really wanted to like the new America’s Supernanny program on Lifetime. I had high hopes that the Supernanny would share valuable information with families about positive discipline and child development issues. Afterall, they advertise her as “saving families” and providing families “guidance and assistance on how to best raise their children.” I’ve tuned in for two … Continue reading America’s Supernanny Tired and Confused

Time-In Guidelines

I like time-ins. This discipline technique, which is vaguely related to time-outs, focuses heavily on coaching the better behaviors. Let’s say your four-year-old snatches a toy from a playmate. During a time-out, your child would sit in a spot alone for a ballpark of four minutes with the withdraw of attention expected to help curb the … Continue reading Time-In Guidelines