What to do When Children Bicker in the Car

My children are now teenagers, and we still occasionally have this. Here are several ways to solve: Settle specifics – In our house, it has always been the music. Settling specifics means coming up with a full, solid and publicly agreed upon plan for repeat conflicts. For a few years, our plan was structured around … Continue reading What to do When Children Bicker in the Car

Plan, Do, Review for Summer Outings

Plan-Do-Review is a piece of HighScope preschool curriculum. Plan-Do-Review builds children’s vocabulary and supports concept development through repetition and focus on goal setting and follow through. In the preschool classroom, children might plan during circle time by telling their teacher what they will do during center time. In our classes we ask children to tell us … Continue reading Plan, Do, Review for Summer Outings

Travel Potty Training Tips

Before you start potty training, it is beneficial to consider what you are going to do about the process when you are away from home. The first is to consider the potty itself. There are folding seats that fit on potties, folding stand-alone options, blow-up options and full-size floor potties available. Whatever you choose, it’s … Continue reading Travel Potty Training Tips

More Car Games

I have been thinking since the last post of all the additional ways we keep the kids engaged on road trips. Here are a few more ideas: Collect as You Go – Bring an extra backpack to let children collect ticket stubs, receipts, brochures, maps and souvenirs as you go. This can be a treasure trove of … Continue reading More Car Games

Car Games

On long roadtrips, it can be tempting to let kids plug-in to their i-pods or watch movies all day. I tend to think the car is the perfect place to connect with each other, you have a captive audience. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Play Games – 20 Questions, Punch Buggy, … Continue reading Car Games

Traveling Away from Children

Dear Dr. Rene, I am traveling alone at the early part of December and again in January. The first trip is to visit my sister who is ill and following treatment. The second trip is work related. I will be gone a week for each trip and have only been away from the girls once before. They … Continue reading Traveling Away from Children

Planning Summer Travel Tips

Summer travel is coming up, and if your trips are big, it may be time to start planning. As early as three years old, there can be benefits in including children in the planning process. Here are some ideas to get you started: Find child friendly outings near your destination spots. Whether you are headed … Continue reading Planning Summer Travel Tips