Enjoying Long Car Trips with Kids

Each summer since the girls were little, the three of us would take two long weekend car trips. We make the five hour trip to the Outer Banks, and the nine hour trip to a family reunion in upstate New York. While we have one, I’m not a big fan of the car’s DVD player. … Continue reading Enjoying Long Car Trips with Kids

Social Skills Tips

A child’s social and emotional development are intertwined. If child is having difficulty in one area, it likely spills over to the other. Teaching emotion language and about emotions lays foundation for social development. Social competence in children is described most simply as their ability to play while keeping friends. If your child’s play isn’t going well, it’s good to … Continue reading Social Skills Tips

>Life Lessons at 2

>Dear Dr. Hackney, I am writing to ask if your classes cover how to teach toddlers, more specifically – the parents, the important “rules?” Our 2 ½ year-old son decided to leave the house alone to find me after I left to walk the dog. Someone was definitely looking over us tonight as a policeman … Continue reading >Life Lessons at 2