8-Week Positive Discipline Series

An abbreviated version of the popular 8-Weeks to Positive Discipline Series is now on YouTube

IntroIntroduction to positive disciplineOutline
Week 11.1 Role of emotions and “I” messages
1.2 Giving children empathy
week 1 outline
Week 22.1 Positive Intent
2.2 Positive Directions
2.3 Descriptive v. Evaluative Praise
week 2 outline
Week 3
3.1 Choices, challenges and contribution
3.2 Parenting Style
3.3 Alternatives to “no”
week 3 outline
Week 4Natural and logical consequences
Review of the steps of positive discipline
How this all works backwards for aggression

Week 5Setting clear boundaries
Managing power struggles
Discipline language for grabbing toys

Week 6Tantrums
Whining and backtalk
Discipline rules between siblings

Week 7 Teaching children an assertive voice
Listening and negotiation
Why not rewards
Why not spank

Week 8 Time Outs and 1-2-3 Magic
Tattling and teasing
Coaching wanted behaviors

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