Dr. Rene At Home


  1. Hi, I have a real problem with my 6year old son. He consistantly chews, sucks and bites holes in his clothes even sometimes shreds cotton from clothing and eats it. He has a dressing gown from being 6mth old he uses as a comfort and also sucks his thumb. This has been noticed by his teacher as he chews his school tie, jumpers, shirts whatever he is waring at the time. He is a very active little boy hes plays for a football team and constantly playing out never sits still yet even juring a physical activity he’ll run round with his top in his mouth sucking and chewing. Its ruining his clothes!! I just dont know what I can do to stop him. Ive read the advice you gave but he already has a comfort sucks his thumb and very active.. id be greatful of any further advice you may have. Thankyou.

    • Hi Leanne,
      I am sure this is frustrating. The post I wrote about children chewing on their clothes taps what I know. My best advice would be to connect with an pediatric Occupational Therapist who is familiar with excessive chewing. They should have good ideas beyond mine. Sincerely, Rene

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