>Forced Apologies

>Dear Dr. Hackney,When my child does something that upsets or hurts another child, I want him to apologize. He may apologize but often is resistant, and it ends up in a big argument between us. How can we instill a sense of empathy for others and encourage apologies?Sincerely,Anna, mother of twoAges three and four years … Continue reading >Forced Apologies

>Grandparent in Hospital

>Dear Dr. Hackney, My four year old has a very close relationship with my parents. Recently, my mother has been hospitalized and has a poor prognosis. What do we tell our son about my mother’s situation and about my father being sad and preoccupied during our visits? Is it okay for him to visit grandma … Continue reading >Grandparent in Hospital

>Recognizes Letters

>Dear Dr. Hackney, My four year old son recognizes all of his upper and lower case letters. What is the next step? Sincerely,KarenMother of two, ages four and three years Dear Karen, That is great he recognizes his letters. The next step, if he is interested, is to pair the letter shapes with their sounds. … Continue reading >Recognizes Letters

>Missing Preschool Days

>Dear Dr. Hackney, My four year old son, Nathan, is a very picky eater. I have read and tried all sorts of different tactics… unsuccessfully. I’m sure some (possibly much) is control related, but I’m not sure some of the issue isn’t sensory. I learned of a Picky Eater Group through a local private practice. … Continue reading >Missing Preschool Days

>starting school

>Dear Dr. Hackney, I need your help!!! My six year old daughter Amy is having some anxiety related to starting school soon. She has been having difficulty going to bed at night; this seems to be the only time it manifests itself. As soon as I move to leave the room, she starts fidgeting and … Continue reading >starting school