6 Ways to Ask Dr. Rene Your Parenting Questions

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There are lots of ways to connect with me and have your parenting questions answered.

  • Submit parenting questions to this blog – You are welcome to email your parenting questions to blog@parentingplaygroups.com. I often answer parents’ questions and posts them to http://www.parentingbydrrene.com.
  • Ask shorter questions on facebook – You can join a parenting chat on facebook every Tuesday from 10:00 – 11:00pm at Parenting by Dr. Rene.
  • Join me for a twitter chat – I’m still figuring out these logistics and summoning the courage to just schedule one. On twitter visit @ParentingDrRene.
  • Join our Online Membership for online Q&As –  You can join my online membership which gets you access to many hours of my popular parenting workshops. These audio classes cover the whole discipline series, potty training, sibling rivalry, managing mealtimes and more. When you are an online member, you can also participate in my Q&A sessions. Of course you can listen live but you can also listen on your schedule. It’s as easy as posting your questions in advance of the meeting time and then listening to them in the recorded library. Online membership is available at  http://parentingplaygroups.com/MemberResources/index.php/welcome/.
  • Attend a workshop – I offer local workshops on a wide range of topics. For topics, locations and to register, please visit http://www.eventbrite.com/o/parenting-by-dr-rene-parenting-playgroups-283710166?s=1328924.
  • Schedule an individual consultation – I meet with individual families often. Consultation works best if you send a detailed email including any related history, typical examples, teachers’ and others’ relevant comments and all of your questions and concerns. This ensures I am a good fit and allows everyone to focus on problem solving rather than collecting information during the meeting time. Occasionally this includes observation time at home or in your child’s classroom. If you would like to schedule a consultation time, please email drrene@parentingplaygroups.com directly.