Finding a Balance in Offering Children Choices

I am a firm believer in the steps of positive discipline as a framework for effectively managing most discipline exchanges. An active step is offering your child choices about how, when or where they can do the behavior you want them to do. If you want them to put on a coat you might offer, … Continue reading Finding a Balance in Offering Children Choices

6 Ways to Ask Dr. Rene Your Parenting Questions

There are lots of ways to connect with me and have your parenting questions answered. Submit parenting questions to this blog – You are welcome to email your parenting questions to I often answer parents’ questions and posts them to Ask shorter questions on facebook – You can join a parenting chat on … Continue reading 6 Ways to Ask Dr. Rene Your Parenting Questions

The “No” Phase

Dear Dr. Rene, My daughter -who is three years old- has displayed a strong character since her first months. Now we are in the ‘no’ phase, anything whatsoever gets the ‘no’ response even if a few minutes later she decides to do/say what I’ve asked of her. How do I get her to become more cooperative, without … Continue reading The “No” Phase

Helping Siblings Get Along

Here are a few general tips to benefit sibling relationships: Fair is not equal, fair is everyone has their needs met – It’s okay that the discipline for a three-year-old is different than the discipline for a seven-year-old for the same behaviors. They are different children at different stages of development, meeting their needs may happen in very … Continue reading Helping Siblings Get Along

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I’ve found another family mantra, bloom where you are planted. We’ve been discussing this one with our girls all week. We’ve touched on this over the years, but this week it hit home when we went on vacation with a few other families. This vacation included a day at a low-key amusement park, a dinner show, … Continue reading Bloom Where You Are Planted