Eight Weeks to Positive Discipline: A Workbook Based on the Popular Workshop Series by Dr. Rene Hackney product_thumbnail

The language of positive discipline is a system of techniques that allow parents to effectively manage their children’s behaviors.

This workbook will help parents and educators learn:

  • Ways to encourage positive behaviors to happen more often
  • How to better express their own emotions and to validate and calm children’s emotions in discipline moments
  • The benefits of offering choices, challenges and contribution to change children’s behaviors
  • How to use natural consequences, logical positive and logical negative consequences to encourage change
  • Ways to best address power struggles, tantrums, whining and backtalk, tattling and bickering.

In practical language and a friendly coaching style, this workbook lays out the concepts of positive discipline in informative text that includes highlights of relevant literature on child development, reviews of key points, practice items with possible answers, and weekly homework to help parents master this valuable language and make it their own. 

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