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Dr_Rene_Hackney_profile_photoDr. Rene Hackney wears many hats, most notably as wife to husband Troy and mom to beautiful daughters Alicen and Claire . She is also “Miss Rene” to preschoolers and “Dr. Rene” to parents, having earned her MA in school psychology and Ph.D. in developmental psychology. But around here, most know her simply as Rene, a parenting and child development specialist and the founder and creator of Parenting Playgroups – Where Parents Learn and Children Play.

A native Virginian, Rene grew up in Williamsburg and from a very early age knew she wanted to be a teacher. Her love of children and interest in psychology led her to James Madison University for her undergraduate degree and George Mason University for graduate school. As she pursued her education, Rene gained valuable real-life and clinical experience as a preschool teacher at the Country Day School in McLean, VA, as an intern in the Developmental Clinic at the esteemed Children’s National Medical Center, and working for Child Find in the public schools.

In 2004, Rene created Parenting Playgroup’s highly successful Workshops for parents and Programs for children ages 1 to 10 years old. Rene’s practical and balanced approach helps moms and dads learn about options and best practices that lead to happy, healthy children.

Rene is also a much called upon expert who teaches and trains educators and social service providers in the areas of child development. A trusted friend, confidante and colleague, Rene shows her commitment each and every day to the many families enrolled in Parenting Playgroups programs.

Like so many parents, Rene is very involved in her daughter’s activities, from piano and swimming to play dates, life is full in the Hackney home. One of Rene’s great loves is reading and she enjoys sharing this passion with her children. A favorite book from her childhood is Harriet the Spy!

Rene welcomes all parents and children to experience Parenting Playgroups Classes and Workshops…Where Parents Learn and Children Play.


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi!!!! I don’t know if you remember me but I nannied your daughters like 8-9 years ago! Formerly Stephanie Dodge. I saw this article my friend posted and it’s yours!! How are Aliceson and Claire? When I watched them they were 4 and 7! How are you? How is Troy? I’m a mom now too!

    1. Hi Stephanie, Of course I remember you! There is a actually a picture of you and the girls, I think from Chuck E Cheese, on the side of the fridge – and Troy occasionally asks if you can come babysit :). Crazy that it has been that long. Alicen is 15 and a freshman at Hayfield. She plays volleyball and the guitar. Claire is 12 and in 6th grade at St. Bernadette. She loves gymnastics and the drums. Troy and I are both well. He is still running his family’s restaurants and I am still at my office (obviously). It is busy as always.
      Congratulations on becoming a mom! That is wonderful news. Please let me know how you are doing. Are you still in the area?
      Always, Rene

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