Teaching Kids How to Take Another’s Perspective

Perspective taking is very limited in young children. Like, how two-year-olds close their eyes to hide when playing hide and seek. The thought is, ‘if they can’t see themselves, you can’t see them.’ Three-year-olds stand in front of you and don’t realize you can’t see through them. Even four years olds get confused when you … Continue reading Teaching Kids How to Take Another’s Perspective

>Forced Apologies

>Dear Dr. Hackney,When my child does something that upsets or hurts another child, I want him to apologize. He may apologize but often is resistant, and it ends up in a big argument between us. How can we instill a sense of empathy for others and encourage apologies?Sincerely,Anna, mother of twoAges three and four years … Continue reading >Forced Apologies