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Encouraging Children to be Honest

Teaching children about honesty happens best in small conversations throughout childhood.  When children are three and four this is defining "honesty means telling the truth, it means telling wheat really happened."  As they are older include the importance in relationships, "being honest means we … [Read More...]

Discipline Language for Grabbing Toys

Young children grabbing toys from each other is common exchange.  If your child grabs toys often, it's good to be prepared.  There are ways to best address this behavior before, during and after it happens.  While I wouldn't expect a parent to use all of the ideas below at once, some combination of … [Read More...]

Ways to Avoid Discipline with Your Children

In our workshops I teach the steps of positive discipline.  This language includes the flexible use of I messages, empathy, positive intent, choices and consequences to best manage behaviors.  This framework is meant to guide parents through addressing emotions while curbing behaviors.  If you want … [Read More...]

Whining? Focus on the Positive

This seems a small tip but it can have a big impact.  So often when I hear parents correcting their child's unpleasant tone they say "Stop whining," or "No whining," or "I can't hear that whiney voice!"  If anything this reminds the child to whine.  The golden rule here is what you focus on you get … [Read More...]

Do your children get silly when you are angry?

Children can easily feel overwhelmed by other people's emotional displays.  This is especially the case if they feel responsible for the other's negative emotions.  This is often the set-up in a parent-child discipline exchange.  Child misbehaves, parent feels angry, child feel responsible for … [Read More...]

Teaching Children Kindness

Teaching children to be kind to others is part of teaching them about managing emotions and social interactions and part of teaching them about a bigger sense of empathy. Children choosing to act with kindness towards others leads to fewer conflicts and better relationships. I posted these ideas … [Read More...]

Guidelines for Using the Steps of Discipline

In our Positive Discipline workshop series, we spend three hours on the steps of positive discipline.  This language provides a framework for effectively working through a discipline exchange from managing emotions with I messages and empathy to using choices and consequences.  I have written about … [Read More...]

When a Child Prefers One Parent

Question: Dear Dr. Rene,  I have a 2 year, 8 month old girl. I nursed her for 18 months. After that point, I slowly have faded into the background. If daddy is around, I am out. I can't give her a bath and put her to bed without dealing with tantrums about why daddy isn't doing it. She regularly … [Read More...]


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