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Tips to Encourage Sibling Relationships

So often when I write about siblings, it's how to best manage the bickering and the fighting or how to get them to stop grabbing toys from each other. Happily, this post is about ways to encourage their relationships! Teach social skills in general - If your children have difficulty taking turns … [Read More...]

6 Ways to Ask Dr. Rene Your Parenting Questions

There are lots of ways to connect with Dr. Rene and have your parenting questions answered. Submit parenting questions to this blog - You are welcome to email your parenting questions to  Dr. Rene often answers parents' questions and posts them to … [Read More...]

12 Ways to Coach Good Behaviors

If you’ve had to discipline the same behavior several times, it is time to start coaching.  Coaching is teaching the child about better behaviors, it’s focused on what you want them to do.  For this to be most effective, coaching should be engaging and can be fun.  There are so many ways to shape … [Read More...]

12 Tips for a Better Clean Up Time

Your kids have been playing all afternoon, moving from one activity to the next.  You realize dinner is 20 minutes away and the house is a mess.  There are toys EVERYWHERE. Start young - I tend to think clean-up should be part of play from the beginning.  Even before children can help, you can … [Read More...]

How to Encourage Kids to be Independent Problem Solvers

Whether you have a four year old working on a new puzzle or an eleven year old working on difficult math problems, there are effective ways to support the problem solving process.  Your tone, words, intensity and approach are all important.  Overall, the goal should be the child becoming a more … [Read More...]

Resources for Children’s Anxiety, Worry and Perfectionism

Children's storybooks Sometimes I Worry too Much but Now I Know How to Stop by Huebner David and the Worry Beast: Helping Kids Cope with Anxiety by Guanci Nobody's Perfect: A Story for Children about Perfectionism by Burns Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Cook Slip, Slide Skate by Herman … [Read More...]

Tips for Teaching Manners

There are a few games for teaching manners like "Mother May I" we add "Mother May I Please" The exchange before moving is "Mother, May I please take 2 steps?" "Yes, you may," "Thank you," "Your welcome." After each 4 phrase exchange the child moves and the next player asks. Start a "Manners Jar." … [Read More...]

Okay to Take a Mommy Time-Out?

Absolutely yes! When most parents think about time-out, it's sending the child to their room or having the child sit out of play for a few minutes.  When I discuss time-out in the last hour of our positive discipline series, I often get the a question about the use of a mommy time-out.  The … [Read More...]


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