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Ways to Teach Apologies and Avoid Forcing Them

When children are young Model apologies - Young children learn best through modeling. When you are in the wrong about things apologize to them and others easily. If they see and hear you being comfortable with apologies they are more likely to follow suit. Suggest and encourage apologies - I … [Read More...]

How to Get Kids to Stay at the Dinner Table

Kids getting up and down from the dinner table is such a common complaint. For the parents who are in the thick of this behavior it's exhausting. Here are lots of ideas for keeping them at the table. Continue the high chair or booster seat - I would keep the highchair with a strap as long as you … [Read More...]

Your Child’s Social Skills and Play

A child's social competence is most simply defined as their ability to play while keeping friends. If the other kids are happy when your child shows up, they want to continue playing with him and the play tends to go well most of the time then his social skills are likely developing at least fairly … [Read More...]

Ideas for Active Indoor Play

I just saw the first weather prediction map for this winter. It looks as bad as last year.  Of course, it's still great to get kids outside in rain and snow but sometimes the weather is too bad or they are just ready to be back inside. Last year I posted a list of things to do on snow days - … [Read More...]

A Great Start to the School Year

After a relaxing summer, getting into the school routine can be a tough transition.  There are lots of small things to do to help the school year get off to a great start. Good night, good breakfast and calm morning – Do what you can the night before including pack lunches, pick outfits and … [Read More...]

All About Playdates

Playdates give kids an opportunity to build individual friendships and practice related social skills. Playdates can be brief - An hour is plenty for young children or children who don't know each other well. Older children that get along well can often handle longer stretches. Balance … [Read More...]

Tips for a Better Naptime

Most children shift to two naps sometime in the first year and then down to one longer nap sometime between 18 months to 2 years old. Many children give up naps on their own between 3 to 5 years old. Before they give up naps all together, many young children go through phases of not napping for a … [Read More...]

Tips to Encourage Sibling Relationships

So often when I write about siblings, it's how to best manage the bickering and the fighting or how to get them to stop grabbing toys from each other. Happily, this post is about ways to encourage their relationships! Teach social skills in general - If your children have difficulty taking turns … [Read More...]


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