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Resources for Children’s Anxiety, Worry and Perfectionism

Children's storybooks Sometimes I Worry too Much but Now I Know How to Stop by Huebner David and the Worry Beast: Helping Kids Cope with Anxiety by Guanci Nobody's Perfect: A Story for Children about Perfectionism by Burns Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Cook Slip, Slide Skate by Herman … [Read More...]

Tips for Teaching Manners

There are a few games for teaching manners like "Mother May I" we add "Mother May I Please" The exchange before moving is "Mother, May I please take 2 steps?" "Yes, you may," "Thank you," "Your welcome." After each 4 phrase exchange the child moves and the next player asks. Start a "Manners Jar." … [Read More...]

Okay to Take a Mommy Time-Out?

Absolutely yes! When most parents think about time-out, it's sending the child to their room or having the child sit out of play for a few minutes.  When I discuss time-out in the last hour of our positive discipline series, I often get the a question about the use of a mommy time-out.  The … [Read More...]

Starting at a New School this Fall?

Whether your child is starting at a new preschool or elementary school, the first day can be daunting.  There are several things you can do over the summer months to help prepare for the first day. Visit the school's website -  Explore the website with your child.  Point out pictures of happy … [Read More...]

Parenting with Unconditional Love Matters Most When It’s Hard to Do

Unconditional love is easy when things are going as planned.  It can become difficult when things are not as expected. Let's say you are an outgoing  and social mom married to an outgoing and social dad.  Your first child is equally comfortable in social settings.  You second child comes along … [Read More...]

Stop the Teasing Tips

Light-hearted teasing between friends can be fun.  It's often a normal part of what friends do.  Then there's teasing that hurts other's feelings.  It is important to teach your child to avoid hurting other's feelings, to stop teasing when asked and to speak up if they don't like being teased.  We … [Read More...]

Hypotheticals to Teach Social Skills

Asking hypotheticals to teach social skills means asking children open-ended questions and discussing answers based on their scenarios.  In our house, we call this the "what if" game. Let's say you have a 4 year old that is always taking small things that don't belong to her from preschool and … [Read More...]

Nature Walk Ideas by Age

I grew up in a bird-watching, nature-loving family.  We camped for summer vacations and had bird books on the coffee table. My parents still hike out to the middle of nowhere at 4:00am once a year for the Christmas Bird Count. With my own kids we have found there are so many fabulous places for … [Read More...]


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