Fine Motor Play Ideas with Preschoolers

Pincer Grasp Pennies in a piggy bank Tweezers to move cotton balls between bowls Eye droppers to move water between bowls (or painting with colored water) Moving toothpicks between bowls or play Pick Up Sticks Golf tee games Small pieces of food for snack Original Colorforms and stickers Sand art (spread glue and then add … Continue reading Fine Motor Play Ideas with Preschoolers

Answers to Overscheduling

Parenting often involves a whole lot of scheduling. It’s your own schedule, it’s their school and activities schedule, their playdates and homework or screen time. It is a lot to juggle. Get a Master Calendar – We have a desk size calendar on our dining room table and have each year since our oldest was six. … Continue reading Answers to Overscheduling

Ways to Encourage Early Writing

Before they are writing There are lots of ways to encourage the skills that support writing from long before they are writing letters and words. Fine motor activities – Starting in the first year, you can give activities that practice the pincer grasp and exercize the fingers. This is picking up small food like Cheerios or … Continue reading Ways to Encourage Early Writing

Are we together too much?

Tips for Creating Space in a Family “I feel like I am disciplining my children way more often than my mother had to discipline me.” I hear this often. It may be that we, as families, are just together too much. Or, at least together way more than we were with our families growing up. … Continue reading Are we together too much?