Introduction to Power Struggles

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Power Struggles”

  1. Dr. Rene. Thanks for posting this. My husband has power struggles with our almost 4 year old at the dinner table and in the bath. I don’t think the bath can be resolved as she has never been a bath lover; however, my husband is constantly telling our kid to sit up, put her napkin on the lap, not to slouch, eat with fork, etc etc etc. I personally think my kid’s table manners are fine and age appropriate; however, my husband is constantly picking and clearly not winning the “battle.” I told him tonight about your thoughts on power struggles and he asked me what he could do instead. Should I sign him up for your Saturday morning class? It is not an ideal time since we have an out of town guest…

  2. The workshop does sound like a good match. I’m sorry the schedule doesn’t fit. We do also cover this information in either our 1-day/5 hour or series 8 hour positive discipline workshops. He would be welcome to join us then instead. The full schedule of workshops is at, click on Parent Workshops then View Schedule. If not, I hope we’ll have the smaller Power Struggles class on again in the fall.

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